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Used Cars For Bad Credit

Used Cars For Bad Credit


Drivers with poor or no credit can have trouble finding an affordable model. If you want a used car for bad credit, Terre Haute Auto can help. Our used car dealership near you is filled with affordable models at competitive prices. We know how important it is to get back behind the wheel. With the support of our local dealership, drivers across Indiana can find a car matching their lifestyles. 

Finding a cheap car for sale near you can be challenging. Not only because of competitive prices but because cheap used cars aren't always reliable. Luckily, Terre Haute Auto eliminates this problem. Our budget-friendly inventory has fully reconditioned used cars for sale that are much more reliable than privately sold cars. Customers can rely on us when they need a used car for bad credit.

What Credit Score is Needed For a Used Car Loan?

Building your credit score is an important step. However, not everyone has established credit. No credit history can make it difficult for customers to apply for a used car loan at other dealerships. If you lack credit, Terre Haute Auto can help. Customers visiting our dealership can get a car loan with little or no credit. 

How is this possible, you might ask?

Terre Haute Auto is considered a Buy Here Pay Here dealership. We provide in-house financing to our customers when they need it most. Direct financing from our used car dealership will make it easier to buy what you need.

Is it Better to Finance a Car Through a Dealership?

Financing a car through the dealership is the only choice for some people. If you do not have the required credit history for a more traditional car loan, Terre Haute Auto can help. Our dealership decides to take a risk on our customers. We know they do not have the credit history to support it, but they need a car. 

Let's review how our dealership financing can benefit customers:

  • Financing when you need it most. If you cannot get approved by a loan provider, Terre Haute Auto's in-house financing can be pivotal.

  • No credit, no problem. Building your credit history can take time. Some customers need a car today and cannot take the time to build a credit history now. Terre Haute Auto makes it possible.

  • Convenience. When your dealership is also your loan provider, selecting, negotiating, and paying off a car is more convenient.

What are Buy Here Pay Here Car Lots?

Dealerships offering in-house financing are often considered Buy Here Pay Here car lots. Our Buy Here Pay Here near Terre Haute helps customers in their time of need. We know how challenging it can be to find a cheap car for sale near you. Not only will we help you find cars at competitive prices, but we will also help you create the necessary financing plan! 

The comprehensive support of our team will help you buy a used car near Terre Haute today!

How Does Buy Here Pay Here Work?

Buy Here Pay Here works similar to other financing strategies.

  1. Your information. First, customers will need to collect their information. This includes proof of income, driving record, and insurance.

  2. Apply. Customers can apply for financing in-person or online. Online pre-approval is the most convenient method for many customers.

  3. Be patient. Our team will review your application and respond with the allotted financing. If the dealership does not contact you within 24 hours, please contact our team.

  4. Build a budget. When you know more about your financing, you can create a budget. Creating a knowledgeable budget will help you stay within your means.

  5. Select a budget-friendly used car for sale. The final step is to compare model types. We have a diverse inventory with many different options. Families can review SUVs for sale while commuters inspect sedans. There are even vans for sale if you want niche utility.

Unfamiliar customers can ask for help at Terre Haute Auto.

Does Buy Here Pay Here Help Your Credit?

Of course! Responsibly taking on monthly payments is an excellent way to build or repair your credit history. A Buy Here Pay Here dealership could be the first step towards a higher credit score! When designing a plan at our Buy Here Pay Here near Terre Haute, make sure the monthly payments are feasible. We recommend about 10% of your monthly income. Saving your cash will help you meet monthly payments. Customers who do not miss payments will build their credit to helpful levels!

Visit Our Used Car Dealership

Terre Haute Auto is a used car dealership that customers can count on. Indiana drivers can rely on our team for manageable car payments and reliable cars. Customers with bad credit will find everything they need to get back behind the wheel when they visit Terre Haute Auto.