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What are good used trucks to buy?

Finding a reliable used truck for sale in Terre Haute doesn't need to be difficult. When you work with a qualified used car dealership near you, there's nothing intimidating about buying a used truck.

Terre Haute Auto carries an impressive collection of dependable trucks for sale near you. Whether you're looking for a work truck or a daily driver, you're sure to love the options available at our used car lot in Terre Haute, Indiana. Let's review how to find the right used truck for your needs!


What brand of used truck is most reliable?

Today's truck manufacturers produce reliable trucks across the board. However, some pickup trucks for sale are more dependable with age than others. In general, stick with the following brands to ensure a successful experience at our used truck dealership near you.


GMC - These trucks are highly rated for dependability and fuel economy. The used GMC Canyon and used GMC Sierra have both been awarded by J.D. Power for their reliability.

Ford - You'll be pleased to learn that the most popular truck for sale of all time is reliable over the years. Ford manufactures a diverse roster of trucks, so you can easily find a suitable used Ford truck for sale. From the F-series to the used Ford Ranger, Ford trucks are a reliable choice.

Chevrolet - Used Chevy trucks are dependable and inexpensive to repair. The used Chevy Silverado 1500 consistently tops lists of best used trucks.

Ram - These used trucks for sale in Terre Haute offer outstanding longevity, thanks to their premium materials. The Ram 1500 is famous for its reliability.


How many miles is too many for a used truck?

Should you stay away from "high-mileage" trucks at our used car dealership near you? It might surprise you that trucks typically outlast sedans by a significant amount. Since trucks are built to tolerate rugged conditions, they often run well even with high-mileage. Pay attention to how the used truck for sale in Terre Haute was maintained over the years. With proper maintenance, there's no reason to avoid pickup trucks for sale with over 100,000 miles. 


What is good mileage for a used truck?

There isn't one magical number that signifies good mileage for a used truck. When choosing a truck for sale near you, consider the age of the truck in context of the mileage. The average driver should log about 10,000-12,000 miles per year. If the age of the truck is ten years, the truck should have about 100,000-120,000 miles on it. 


Is it smart to buy a truck with 200k miles?

Depending on the powertrain, a used truck for sale in Terre Haute with over 200,000 miles might be a good buy! Diesel trucks are longer-lasting than gas engines. If a well-maintained diesel truck has over 200,000 miles, the vehicle should have plenty of life left in it. Just ask the sales team at our used car dealership near you to show you the truck's maintenance history!


Visit Terre Haute Auto to browse our used trucks near you!

Our used truck dealership near you has plenty of exciting choices for you to explore. When you're ready to find the perfect Terre Haute used truck, stop by our used car dealership near you. The Terre Haute Auto sales team will be happy to help you find the ideal used truck for sale in Terre Haute.

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