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Getting a new or used car should never have to be a difficult task. Finding the ideal car for you should be a no-brainer but some car lots make the car buying experience difficult. Terre Haute Auto is here, and our helpful staff will make finding the car you want a breeze. Our prices and styles will have you in awe. We make even the most frugal car buyer excited to get a new car. Get yourself a used car near you from Terre Haute Auto. Our used cars in Terre Haute are what you need. We have great Dodge trucks for sale to help you get on the road with a vehicle with power. We are your, cheap, used car dealership near you to help you get the vehicle you want at a great low price. We have used Dodge Trucks for sale that are 4x4 capable for sale near you.

We at Terre Haute Auto are the Dodge dealership with used Dodge trucks for sale. When you need the power and torque to haul cargo then trusting one of our many Dodge trucks for sale is exactly what you need. If you need strength to pull what you need to haul or you want a truck for fun off-roading adventures Dodge trucks for sale are perfect for you. Now is the time to upgrade your old vehicle. Why struggle to keep your old ride running when you can upgrade to a truck that will last you for years to come? Often, to replace parts on an old vehicle costs more than replacing the vehicle. If you love maintaining your car, this may not be a bad thing. But, if you consider your ride as more than an investment, then you should consider upgrading to a truck that will help you get the job done.

Here at Terre Haute Auto, we have a great selection of used Dodge trucks for sale that are 4x4. Why should you get a 4x4 truck for sale near you in Terre Haute Indiana? Have you ever wondered what makes 4x4 technology so important? All-wheel drive in vehicles helps you keep the traction you need when you drive in different weather conditions. Whether you are in the rain or snow having four-wheel drive helps you to maintain traction better than two-wheel drive vehicles. Having a 4x4 truck also helps when transporting, towing, and hauling heavy loads. Each tire has power making the road easier for four-wheel drive vehicles. When you have a 4x4 car, you have increased traction to keep you safe on the road. 2wd vehicles are safe to drive if they have the proper snow tires. When you have a 4x4 car, your traction increases giving you safety in all sorts of weather conditions. Come to Terre Haute Auto today to get the vehicle you need today whether it be 4x4 or 2wd. Our friendly and helpful staff will help you find the ideal car for you to get on the road with. Power and style are built into our vehicles, and they have a price that is hard to beat.
Med Slate Gray 
8cyl, 5.7L, 330.0hp
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This rear wheel drive used 2007 Dodge Ram 3500 2WD Reg Cab 60" CA 143.5" WB features a Bright White exterior with a Med Slate Gray interior and has only 150,978 miles.INTERIOR OPTIONS: Bench Seat *Split*, Telescoping Wheel, Auxiliary Power Outlet, Vinyl Interior, Adjustable Steering Wheel,...   Read More
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