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Is it better to get a new truck or used?

One of the biggest debates among people searching for trucks for sale near Terre Haute or anywhere else is whether they should buy something new or used.

Truthfully, used trucks for sale are much more popular than new ones, given their popularity. However, both new and used trucks have benefits and drawbacks. The right option for you will depend on your preferences. To help you with this choice, we at Terre Haute Auto have provided a list that details the pros and cons of new and used trucks. 


New Truck:


With their shiny appearance and modern features, new trucks for sale certainly have a high level of appeal to them. Below, you can find the benefits associated with new trucks.




1. Guaranteed Lifespan And Reliability

Something that sets new trucks apart from used trucks for sale is the fact that they have guaranteed reliability. This means that a new truck is sure to last you the average predicted lifespan, so long as you maintain it well and there aren’t any major accidents or malfunctions.


2. Modern Technology With Full Customization

When you go to browse new trucks for sale near Terre Haute or anywhere else, one of the first things you will likely notice is the modern design and technology of new trucks. This makes trucks very enticing compared to used trucks for sale. Additionally, if you buy a new truck, you will be able to customize it to your liking, adding any features you want. 




1. Rapid Value Depreciation

One of the most significant drawbacks associated with buying a new truck for sale near Terre Haute or elsewhere is that it will begin losing value as soon as you drive it off the lot. After all, it’s no longer a new truck once you’ve purchased it. In fact, most vehicles lose up to 60% of their value over the course of five years.


2. Expensive Value With Other High Costs

A big deterring factor when it comes to new trucks is the high cost. Most people aren’t able to afford new trucks, which are exponentially more expensive than used trucks for sale near Terre Haute, and everywhere else for that matter.


Used Truck:


As mentioned above, used trucks are by far the more popular option among truck buyers. If you browse the following list, you can see why this is. 




1. Overall Affordability

The biggest reason overall why people prefer used trucks over new ones is their affordability. Moreover, many dealerships, such as our car lot near Terre Haute, provide specials and incentives on used trucks, which helps you to save a lot more money. When it comes to used trucks, you can also find options to suit any financial situation. For example, we at Terre Haute Auto provide buy here pay here near Terre Haute, which caters specifically to buyers with little to no credit.


2. Slow Value Depreciation

Compared to new trucks, used trucks depreciate in value much slower since most of their value has already reduced within the first few years of ownership. This also means that used trucks provide a much better return on investment if you plan on trading or selling it in the future. 




1. Limited Choices For Customization

A drawback that comes with buying a used truck is that you won’t be able to customize it like you can with a new one. You should note, however, that it is easy to find used trucks with similar, if not the same, technology equipped in new trucks.


2. No Guaranteed Quality Or Reliability

Another factor you should consider before purchasing a used truck is the fact that there is no guaranteed quality or reliability in used trucks. Although, warranties and vehicle history reports help to mitigate this risk of reliability.

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